23rd - 28th August 2013
Gold Coast, Australia
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No matter who you are, no matter how successful, no matter how happy - Tony has something to offer you.

- Hugh Jackman

He has a great gift. He has the gift to inspire.

- Bill Clinton

Tony's incredible understanding of the world, people, and human nature makes him the ultimate life coach. He knows what it takes to make people excel....and to win!

- Andre Agassi
Eight-time Grand Slam Tennis Champion


What You will Experience at Date with Destiny® 2013

Day 1 - Prepare For Massive Change
Understand the forces that control everything you think, every emotion you experience and every action you take. You can expect to learn about:

  • Your model of the world: The driving forces in your life
  • The Triad: Three Forces that Shape All Human Emotions and Behaviours
  • The Science of the Six Human Needs
  • The Power of Choice

Day 2 - Integrate Foundations of Emotional Fitness
Discover once and for all what shapes your decisions and your destiny. Identify what creates pain and pleasure in your life and learn to create more pleasure. Develop the emotional muscle that will feed and strengthen your ability to meet your deepest needs.

  • The Power of Virtues
  • Evaluations: How We Make Sense of the World
  • Your Destiny: The Study of Consequences
  • Primary Questions: The Principal Pattern That Shapes Your Life

Day 3 - Navigate Toward New Horizons
Become acutely aware of old conditioning and emotions that are causing you to veer "off track" and learn how to instantly vanquish them and replace them with new, empowering emotional states. Learn what motivates you and what holds you back (you might be surprised). You can discover:

  • Your Present Values and Rules
  • The Power of Language
  • Global Metaphors we live by
  • Goal Setting: creating a compelling future

Day 4 - Embrace Your Transformation
Discover exactly what you need to achieve your highest values -- then develop a step-by-step process for aligning your beliefs, values, and experiences in a way that pulls you in the direction of your ultimate vision.
You will:

  • Create your new empowering values and rules
  • Develop your Mission Statement

Day 5 - Embody Your Destiny
Imagine living every day with unbelievable clarity -- when everything you think, say, believe, feel, want and do is directed toward one powerful end. Imagine feeling that you are the master of your experience, totally in control of your life, each moment.
You will, when you learn how to:

  • Make changes that last
  • Integrate your emotional transformation at the deepest level

Day 6 - Revolutionise Your Relationships
Learn about the force that controls all relationships, how to bond at a deeper level than ever before, and how to either find and create a passionate relationship or reignite the passion in a relationship you already have.
You can discover:

  • The keys to outstanding relationships
  • Differences in masculine and feminine energy
  • Relationship Vision
  • What you want in an ideal mate
  • Your ideal mate and relationship vision
  • What makes a relationship work vs pure passion

Singapore | 1800 7822 377
Malaysia | 1800 880 501
UK | +44 20 3141 7790